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Question asked by riccardo cescato on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by ZhangJennie

Hi, I'm using the KIT MPXY8300A but I have many problems with the code.

There is an example in the MPXY8300 firmware user's manual but it doesn't work.

When I put it in CodeWarrior the program doesn't recognize the functions and subroutines ready for this kit as for example:

UINT8_MPXY8300_READ_COMP_ACCEL_X (UINT16 * Data, UINT16 TRaw, UINT8 Avg, UINT8 FilterSelect)


The code includes this libriary; "reims_firm_io_ES2.h" but I haven't it and I think the subroutines are implemented in this file.

Who know what I have to do or where can I find this library?