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Question asked by Daniele Cortellazzi on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by Quentin Chen

Hi all, i'm using the USB_ MSD_CLASS Processor Expert library present on the USB Stack 4.11 . The problem is that i have implemented a system with a SDCard connected to a KL25 through the SPI. I can write, read files with the FATFS library and i want to see this files connecting the system to a PC. The problem is that when i connect this i can see and read the file, but i can't write on the SDCard. The function disk_write_block in MSD_Event_Callback() is never called. Why? Someone are using correctly this library ?? Thanks


  uint8_t tmp = 0;
  lba_data_ptr = (PTR_LBA_APP_STRUCT) val;
  tmp = lba_data_ptr->size / 512;
  tmp = disk_write_block(controller_ID, lba_data_ptr->buff_ptr,
  lba_data_ptr->offset, tmp);