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Using PLL5 for RMII-Clock

Question asked by Sebastian Waldraff on Feb 2, 2014
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I have a custom board with a PVF522R and a Ethernet-PHY using RMII.

I want to use the PLL5 as clock source for the internal MAC and the PHY (PTA6 / RMII_CLOKOUT).


First tests shown that data from Phy to MAC is working well, but data-transfer from MAC to PHY is not stable.

It seams that therre is something wrong with my settings cause the MAC puts data on the RMII on the falling edge of the RMII-Clock, not on the rising edge.


When I use a external clock for RMII and set PTA to RMII_CLKIN all works fine.


Any suggestions?

Or is there a problem cause the controller is a engineering sample ?