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TWR-K70F120M + TWR-LCD-RGB using CodeWarrior + eGUI code example

Discussion created by Pedro Augusto Panecatl Salas Employee on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by Mayur Khandagale

A significant number of customers have been asking for a code example made in CW to enable K70's LCDC using TWR-LCD-RGB and eGUI,a s most of you know there are two code examples for AN4588, one was created using eGUI + IAR 6.3 and the other one was created using PEG+ + CodeWarrior, however those customer who already purchased the CW license were trying to figure out why we don't have a code example using our own software, well; we do have that code example, I'm posting it here for all of those interested in the K70 LCD graphic controller capabilities.

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