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VBAT current consumption

Question asked by Kubiznak on Jun 24, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by jiri-b36968


when connected to battery (3V), we measured >4mA current to the VBAT pin. Tested on both a custom board and the Vybrid MCU alone (PVF61GS151CMK50 TEST REV C3 1N02G). This is not what is declared in official materials (5-45 uA). Also some additional processor pins were under voltage (e.g. PTE12, PTE15, PTE18, PTE20, PTE23, PTE24, also some PTAx, PTCx, PTDx, ...).


We also have problems with booting the custom board (based on from SDHC when connected to battery. It did not start the bootloader, no matter what kind of (u-boot, MQX bootloader).


Can you please comment the consumption? Does anybody have an idea how to fix the boot?


Thank you.