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How to do Ethernet internal loop back test in IMX6dl?

Question asked by ismail k k on Apr 25, 2013
Latest reply on May 13, 2013 by ismail k k
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My ethernet is working properly from uboot in normal mode of operation on iMx6dl. but when I carried out an  internel MAC loop back  it doesn't generate a receive event and i donot get a value in the receive buffer.

Following is the procedure i have done ,

1. Send an ethernet ping packet in normal mode, polled for receive event ,got reply and verified my transmit and receive procedures are perfect.

2. Enabled Loop back mode by setting up  loop back bit in the receive control register.

3. send a packet (verified packet is not transmitted to the network).

4. poll for receive event .


but i neither get a receive event nor any values in receive buffer .


Is there something else i have to do rather than setting loopback bit.


Please help.