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Custom BSP for MK20DN512

Question asked by Mini Wang on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2012 by Tom Junkans

I would like to creat a custom BSP for my board.

I refer to the "MQX Board Support Package Porting Guide" (Document Number: AN4287 ; Rev. 0, 06/2011 ).

The MCU of custom board is MK20DN512, and the custom BSP is cloned copy from "twrk20d72m".

My environment is [MQX3.8.1] & [CW10.2], it's seems some different from the document.

for example: 

  1. the content of CUSTOM_BOARD_bsp_mcf52259.bat. is different from my bat file. (Figure 32)

  2. couldn't find and add boot.c to project setting. (Figure38)

  3. the User Recursive Path(-ir) is empty (Figure 40)


Is it another document for MQX3.8.1?

Where can I find more information to create new BSP?


Thank you in advance.