mfgtool : Waiting for /dev/utp to appear

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mfgtool : Waiting for /dev/utp to appear

Contributor II

I have a problem with my board imx6sxsabresd and BSP imx-yocto-L4.14.78_1.0.0_ga.

When i use ramfs provided in mfgtool package (L4.9.88_2.0.0_mfg-tool) i can program my sabresd board.

I compile mfgtool firmwares and it seems that my ramfs is not well builded.

Changing fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs-imx_mfgtools.cpio.gz.u-boot by the files builded with Yocto, mfgtool stuck at this line : 

Freeing unused kernel memory: 1024K
Found New UDC: ci_hdrc.0
ci_hdrc.0 0
file system registered
Mass Storage Function, version: 2009/09/11
LUN: removable file: (no medium)
run utp at /dev/usb-utp0/ep0
uuu fastboot client 1.0.0 [built read descriptors
Feb 1 2019 12:47:25]
Start initread strings
write string
Start handle command
uuc /dev/utp
uuc 0.5 [built Feb 1 2019 12:47:25]
UTP: Waiting for /dev/utp to appear
configfs-gadget gadget: high-speed config #1: c

Can anyone help me ?

Today i can program my sabresd board with prebuild ramfs but with my futur custom boards, it will not be possible.


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Latest L4.14.78 uses uuu instead mfg tool. Please, see the below guide of how to use the uuu tool. It says that is for the i.MX8, but all the i.MX6 families are supported.

i.MX 8 Universal Update Utility (UUU) Tools and Pins Tool 

Hope this information can help you.

Best Regards,


Contributor I

Hi Adrian,

I am using Yocto Sumo version.

The kernel boots up on yocto setup but there is no /dev/utp device node in the rootfs.

1. what kernel configuration need to be done inorder to create "/dev/utp" at boot up?

2. Also what is the major minor numbers of /dev/utp device node.

i am trying "uuc /dev/utp" which is not working.

3. Also the MFG tool on windows gets disconnected on kernel boot up on the yocto setup.

Is this expected behavior before launching uuc /dev/utp?

Thank you,

Anush D.



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