i.mx 25 linux power management issue with Xfbdev -keybd

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i.mx 25 linux power management issue with Xfbdev -keybd

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Dear all,

             We are facing linux power management failures .Our h/w and s/w details are

                   ARM                   --------      i.mx25

                   LTIB                    --------     L2.6.35-11-01-00_ER

                   Linux kernel          --------     Linux - 2.6.31

                   Cross compiler     --------    arm-none-linux-gnueabi-* ( version-4.4.4)

          We make the LTIB for Gnome desktop environment.For normal follow it was working fine.

But when we are using the Power management (echo mem > /sys/power/state) our device going to sleep.

But after wakeup  'Xfbdev' not resuming properly.

Our Xfbdev cmd is

          "Xfbdev -mouse tslib,2,device=/dev/input/ts0 -keybd keyboard,,device=/dev/input/event0"

What we observe that, when we pass "-keybd keyboard,,device=/dev/input/event0"  to Xfbdev resuming fails

(This event0 is device specific keyboard event ).

We checked linux standardised usb keyboard driver along with lenovo usb keyboard ,but same issue appears.

Note : If we kill the Xfbdev and run once again  its working normally.If we again going  to Power management Xfbdev resuming  fails.

Thanks and regards,

Kilaru.Ramakrishna Rao,

Visiontek Pvt ltd,


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