i.MX 6 DualLite Android 6 CANBus Send question

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i.MX 6 DualLite Android 6 CANBus Send question

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Hi all,

   Recently, we found CANBus has an issue on i.MX6 DualLite. We used the following links to implement CANBus function.

Here is the process of CANBus.

Flexcan/flexcan/frameworks/base/service/java/com/android/server at master · zhangjie201412/Flexcan ·... 


Flexcan/com_android_server_FlexcanService.cpp at master · zhangjie201412/Flexcan · GitHub 


Flexcan/flexcan.c at master · zhangjie201412/Flexcan · GitHub 

Now the issue happened in _flexcan_send  of flexcan.c When I call _flexcan_send this function frequently, it would return me an error. 

But if I had a delay for waiting 5ms of every  _flexcan_send), CANBus would be fine. It seems I couldn't call _flexcan_send too quick. 

Has anyone met this issue before?

It would be grateful if there is any solution to it.

I have highlighted the code which returned me an error.

static int _flexcan_send(struct flexcan_device_t* flexcan_device,int *data, int id, int dlc, int extended,int rtr, int infinite, int loopcount)
      int s = flexcan_device->s;
      struct can_frame frame;
      int i;
      int ret;
      for(i = 0; i < dlc; i++)
         frame.data[i] = (char)data[i];
         // LOGI("[flexcan]--%d = %d .",i,data[i]);
         if(i == 8)
      frame.can_id = id;
      frame.can_dlc = dlc;

      if (extended) {
         frame.can_id &= CAN_EFF_MASK;
         frame.can_id |= CAN_EFF_FLAG;
      } else {
         frame.can_id &= CAN_SFF_MASK;

      if (rtr)
        frame.can_id |= CAN_RTR_FLAG;

      while (infinite || loopcount--) {
         ret = write(s, &frame, sizeof(frame));
         if (ret == -1) {

   // close(s);
   return 0;

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