Booting linux on imx6 sabrelite Bad Data CRC ERROR: can't get kernel image

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Booting linux on imx6 sabrelite Bad Data CRC ERROR: can't get kernel image

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I am newbie in lunux embedded system. I follow a tuto for bulding linux in yocto for my imx6 sabrelite board. I use mfgtool(Mfgtools-Rel-4.1.0_130816_MX6Q_UPDATER) to download uboot kernel and rootfs into the board. After booting the board, i have this error when uboot attempts to load kernel: Verifying Checksum ... Bad Data CRC ERROR: can't get kernel image!

Here is the result of printenv:

bootdelay=3 baudrate=115200 ipaddr= serverip=_SERVER_IP_ADDR_ netmask= loadaddr=0x10800000 rd_loadaddr=0x11000000 netdev=eth0 ethprime=FEC0 ethaddr=00:01:02:03:04:05 uboot=u-boot.bin kernel=uImage bootargs_base=setenv bootargs console=ttymxc1,115200 bootargs_nfs=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} root=/dev/nfs ip=dhcp nfsroot=${serverip}:${nfsroot},v3,tcp video=mxcfb0:dev=ldb,LDB-XGA,if=RGB666 bootcmd_net=dhcp; run bootargs_base bootargs_nfs;bootm bootargs_mmc=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootwait rw video=mxcfb0:dev=ldb,LDB-XGA,if=RGB666 video=mxcfb0:dev=hdmi,1920x1080M@60,if=RGB24 bootcmd_mmc=run bootargs_base bootargs_mmc;mmc dev 1;mmc read ${loadaddr} 0x800 0x2000;bootm bootcmd=run bootcmd_mmc clearenv=sf probe 1 && sf erase 0xc0000 0x2000 && echo restored environment to factory default upgradeu=for disk in 0 1 ; do mmc dev ${disk} ;for fs in fat ext2 ; do ${fs}load mmc ${disk}:1 10008000 /6q_upgrade && source 10008000 ; done ; done bootfile=_BOOT_FILE_PATH_IN_TFTP_ nfsroot=_ROOTFS_PATH_IN_NFS_ stdin=serial stdout=serial stderr=serial ethact=FEC0 bootargs=console=ttymxc1,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootwait rw video=mxcfb0:dev=ldb,LDB-XGA,if=RGB666 video=mxcfb0:dev=hdmi,1920x1080M@60,if=RGB24  Environment size: 1253/8188 bytes

Thanks for helping me!

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Souleymane,

please take a look to this thread:

Error message "Verifying Checksum ... Bad Data CRC" appears when uboot load linux kernel 

NXP Technical Support
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