i.MX Yocto Project: how can I conserve disk space during builds?

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i.MX Yocto Project: how can I conserve disk space during builds?

i.MX Yocto Project: how can I conserve disk space during builds?

There are two optionsou

1. Remove all source code after building:

You can indicate bitbake to remove all source code after a build adding this line

INHERIT += "rm_work"


to your conf/local.conf file. Of course, when baking another image, ALL source code has to be fetched again and it can take a lot of time, specially on machines with low connections to the Internet. The smallest image you can build is core-image-minimal, containing the minimal set of packages to board a particular machine. The largest is fsl-image-gui (in fact, there is one bigger 'fsl-image-gui-sdk' used for developing purposes inside the target). Between these two, there are a lot of images you can choose. You can even create your own image using hob.

In case you do not want to build anything, there are some pre-built images on this site, just download the sdcard file and flash it to an SD card.

2. Select only those  IMAGE_FSTYPES you need.

There is a variable named IMAGE_FSTYPES  which indicates the output formats you want for the resulting root file system images, by default is has this value:

IMAGE_FSTYPES ?= "tar.bz2 ext3 sdcard"

and it is located on /sources/meta-fsl-arm/conf/machine/include/imx-base.inc machine's header file. If you want to change it, place this variable on the build/conf/local.conf file. In case you have NFS mounting, remove the 'sdcard' (and either 'ext3' or 'tar.bz2') string, resulting in

IMAGE_FSTYPES = "tar.bz2"

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Hello Leonardo

We are doing a lot of changes and tests in several branches (master, dora and dylan) and having space problems after so many bitbaking.

To clean log files from temp directories, we do from time to time:

find . \( -name 'temp'  \)  -print0  | xargs -0 -L 1 -I datafind sh -c "rm -f datafind/*.*"

from build directory.

Also we are deleting old images (still manually). I was wondering if is there an option to generate these image files without datestamp in its names, so each image overwrite the previous image. In these testing environment, I think we don´t need that old versions at present.

Any other clue about saving time and space are welcomed :smileyhappy:

Thank you very much

OtavioSalvador, do you  think a post-installation script may help for what Diego needs (removes all (except the latest) deploy images after baking)?

Diego, check this section: Yocto Project Development Manual

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