i.MX Yocto Project: How Can I Build the Freescale Yocto Images using hob?

Document created by Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez Employee on Jun 11, 2013
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1. Follow all instructions from Freescale's github repo except the last bitbake command

2. Run hob under the build folder

build$ hob &

3. On the GUI, select machine and image, then build

4. In case you need to flash an SD Card, hob does not produce an .sdcard image, so as a workaround, close hob and on the same console run

build$ bitbake <image>

    where image must be the same as the one you choose with hob

5. Flash your SD card


build$ sudo dd if=tmp/deploy/images/fsl-image-gui-imx6qsabresd.sdcard of=/dev/sdX bs=4M



  • In case of building issues, please follow this link
  • In case of booting issues, make sure: 1. board DIP switches are set correctly 2. you have chosen the correct machine before baking
  • If issues persist, report it to the community
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