eIQ Glow Lab for i.MX RT

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eIQ Glow Lab for i.MX RT

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eIQ Glow Lab for i.MX RT

The attached labs provide a step-by-step guide on how to use the eIQ for Glow Neural Network compiler with a handwritten digit recognition model example. This compiler tool turns a model into an machine executable binary for a targeted device. Both the model and the inference engine are compiled into a binary that is generated, which can decrease both inference time and memory usage. That binary can then be integrated into an MCUXpresso SDK software project. 


The eIQ Glow Lab for RT1170.pdf can be used with the i.MX RT1170, RT1160, RT1064, RT1060, and RT1050

The eIQ Glow Lab for RT685.pdf can be used with the RT685. 


A step-by-step video is also available

You will need to download the Glow compiler tools package as well as the latest MCUXpresso SDK for the board you're using.

More details on Glow can be found in the eIQ Glow Ahead of Time User Guide and the Glow website

Updated April 2022 for Python 3.9

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