Use plug & trust library for a71ch

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Use plug & trust library for a71ch

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I have a running application on a nrf52840 that generates a random number, generates a keypair, hashes, signs and verifies a signature over the sss API on the SE050. I now want to use the same application on the A71CH, is this possible? According to the plug and trust MW documentation those functions were all mapped from the a71ch host library to the sss api. Where is the mapping done in the library?

As far as i understood, I should be able to edit the  fsl_sss_ftr_default.h file in a way that it compiles the sss api for the a71ch. If this is correct, is there an example that shows how I am supposed to set the defines? I cant seem to figure out how, is there a documentation that describes the dependencies? 

E.g: When I choose SSS_HAVE_APPLET_A71CH (and no other applet) the define for the T1oI2C is set, which is only needed for the SE050.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello @ziml ,


The latest SE050 MW supports A71CH as well, you may refer to "SE-PLUG-TRUST-MW/simw-top/doc/a71ch/a71ch_miscellaneous.html#demos-and-examples-supported-on-a71ch" for more details regarding the changes made for testing with A71CH.


Hope that helps,


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