SE050 using Energy Harvesting

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SE050 using Energy Harvesting

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We are planning to connect SE050 as I2C Slave by using NTAG 5 Boost (passive mode) as I2C Master. Can NFC Readers like mobile phones, such as iPhone 11, induce enough power to make SE050 operational, if SE were to be used for specific cryptographic operations (without sensor, of course)?


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Actually SE050 supports ISO14443/NFC interface, no need to use NTAG 5 family to act as a bridge. If you have SE050ARD demo board, you may configure it as below to enable the CL interface.


What is the scenario for your application? what kind of cryptographic operations do you want to use based on SE050? Would you please clarify?

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