why locked S32K144 flash memory

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why locked S32K144 flash memory

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i develop s32k144 mcu bootloader

i am using PEMicro Multi Fx Debugger and IAR Compiler

i'm going to download using serial communication

i don't know if NXP provides flash access related tool(such as ST_LINK), but i can't find it

so i check how flash of 0 ~ 0x10000 address was written

i read using the pointer in c code and confirmed there values through serial communication

The problem is that the S32K144 cannot be downloaded after that.
Check the target's power. Obviously, power is normal.

As another sample, I deleted the section of the text area of the application I specified.

In both samples, the S32K144 became unresponsive.

Why is this happening?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello kku0408@gitauto.com,

NXP does not provide any debugger/programmer for S32K.

What is the error message from the S32DS IDE when it is not able to flash the MCU?

Thank you,

BR, Daniel

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thank you for your reply

as mentioned previously i using IAR workbench and PEmicro multilink fx.

when the flash does not work message is "Can't communicate with the target processor! please check your connections between the cable and the target and make sure the target has power"

i checked ic power, connection cable but it is clear.

before occured a problem i read application section of flash

section is follows

- boot -

define symbol m_interrupts_start       = 0x00000000;
define symbol m_interrupts_end         = 0x000003FF;

define symbol m_flash_config_start     = 0x00000400;
define symbol m_flash_config_end       = 0x0000040F;

define symbol m_text_start             = 0x10000000;
define symbol m_text_end               = 0x10004000;

- app -

define symbol m_interrupts_start       = 0x00004000;
define symbol m_interrupts_end         = 0x000043FF;

define symbol m_flash_config_start     = 0x00004400;
define symbol m_flash_config_end       = 0x0000440F;

define symbol m_text_start             = 0x00004410;
define symbol m_text_end               = 0x0000FFFF;

i just read 0x04000 ~ 0x5000
i didn't write anything in the flash config area.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello kku0408@gitauto.com,

This doesn't seem like an issue with the flash configuration field.

Even if it was locked, the debugger would be able to connect.

It could be because the JTAG/SWD pins are reprogrammed in the applications to their alternative functions.

If so, you should be able to connect the debugger before it gets reprogrammed after a system or power-on reset.

You can try the P&E Recovery Utility as described here:

Bricking and Recovering FRDM-KL25Z Boards: Reset, SWD Clock and Low Power | MCU on Eclipse 



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