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LPIT Clear Flag

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Hi to all, I have a question: I'm using a LPIT for a timer and I used the SDK routine(S32 Design Studio for ARM Version 2.2. with micro S32K142)

When I clear the interrupt flag, the timer to do this instruction is very high (30us); I verify this duration using an output pin (See code below) so if I used a 100us timer, the microcontroller works 30% of the time to clear the interrupt flag.


static inline void LPIT_ClearInterruptFlagTimerChannels(LPIT_Type * const base,

uint32_t mask)



/* Write 1 to clear the interrupt flag. */



PINS_DRV_WritePin(PTC,9,1); // wood

base->MSR = mask;

PINS_DRV_WritePin(PTC,9,0); // wood



the instruction base->MSR = mask is convert in assembler code as:

284           base->MSR = mask;
00004464:   ldr     r4, [pc, #20]   ; (0x447c <LPIT_DRV_ClearInterruptFlagTimerChannels+40>)
00004466:   str     r6, [r4, #12]



could you help me?



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Juve75,

The method of flipping IO to measure code execution time is inaccurate.
Please refer: Measure the running time of one function on S32K
These two assembly codes will not take such a long time.

Best Regards,
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Been looking for this: Measure the running time of one function on S32K.

Thanks for sharing. Is there a more detailed article on this topic available here?


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  • Dear Robin,

I know that this kind of IO test is not accurate, but if I simply raise up and down the port, the duration time is 0,5us, not 30us. I also use this test to estimate the duration of other code but without this delay time.

Anyhow I have a look to Measure the running time of one function on S32K that you suggest.

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