S32K3 Low Power Management AN and demos

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S32K3 Low Power Management AN and demos

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S32K3 Low Power Management AN and demos


The S32K3 family is a highly scalable MCU that include single-core, dual-core, and lock-step core configurations. Meanwhile, NXP provides rich eco-software. For example, NXP provides a powerful IDE: S32 Design Studio(S32DS), which can be used to configure, compiler, debug. And the RTD (Real-Time Drivers) is the software development package, it includes a lot of default example projects.

Low power management is always required in auto product since it's powered by battery. K3's power management is quite different with K1. Provide a one-stop application information about S32K3xx family MCU power management features for automotive customer to accelerate their application/product time to market.

Besides, the software package in this page provides additional example projects for wakeup use case. All the wakeup example projects mentioned in this page are developed based on RTD/HLD, and the configuration tool is EB tresos Studio and S32 CT. The hardware is based on S32K344 Whiteboard and S32K3X4EVB-Q172. The software is based on RTD V2.0 and S32DS3.4

About the wakeup examples package, it provides very wakeup examples.

The below figures summarized the package contents:

Example Projects:


Application Note:


Any questions, please contact me.


Some notes when referring to these demos

for "S32K344_GPIO_Wkup_S32DS_3_4_RTD_LLD_2_0"

1.I had to modify the PMC configuration to make this demo work properly.


2.S32K3X4EVB-Q257 Jumper setting for this demo.

  • Remove J25
  • J23-2 conect to J23-3   (3.3V)
  • J24-2 ->Test+,J24-3->Test-. Connecting a Multimeter or Static Ammeter
  • J30-3 connect to J375-2

Test result, the current consumption is about 60uA in Standby mode.





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