Regarding RGB Image Conversion

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Regarding RGB Image Conversion

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Hello Everyone,

I have NXP SBC-S32V234 Board and S32 DS for Vision 2018.R1 software.

Now I want to convert RGB image to RGB by creating a new kernel.

My project Goal:

Load an RGB Image and display the same RGB image on HDMI

Setting i have done while creating my own kernel project:

1.Input setting of kernel:

Kernel 1.png

2.Output setting  of kernel project is same as input setting.

In my apex program project i have done the following settings:


The input image i am using is given below:


The output i am getting is as follows:


What is the probable reason of this distortion.It seems like my own created kernel is not working properly.Where should i do modification of my kernel and what modification should i do to get the exact same input image at output???

Any kind of help to solve this issue will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards

Md Anayatullah

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