using freeRTOS v10.1.1 with S32DS

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using freeRTOS v10.1.1 with S32DS

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Dear Expert,

I develop software with S32KDS for ARM 2018R1. I find FreeRTOS v8.2.1 has been integrated with S32DS, but I want to use FreeRTOS v10.1.1. I did as following documents:

--Tutorial: FreeRTOS 10.0.1 with NXP S32 Design Studio 2018.R1

---《Using custom FreeRTOS with S32K SDK and OSIF for ARM

by the way, I defined the symbol as following:


I download the McuOnEclipse FreeRTOS component, but I found there is no file: Header.h, shown as following:


1. But , after the component osif being added into my project, and building my project the following error is shown.I found the file osif_baremetal.c  instead of  osif_freertos.c.


How can file osif_freertos.c be got?

Could you help me? Thank you very much!

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


FreeRTOS v8.2.1 is the version supported by S32DS and SDK. If you like to use different version - it is up to you how to implement it. It looks that ErichS‌ solution si working for others - Tutorial: FreeRTOS 10.0.1 with NXP S32 Design Studio 2018.R1 | MCU on Eclipse 

osif_freertos.c file is located for example in 


or in similar path in any other SDK version folder.  


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Hi Jiri Kral,

First ,Thank you very much for your kind help.

I did as Eric Styger suggested. My problem is that: when I click "generate code" button,  in folder "SDK", osif_baremetal.c  is shown, it is wrong.

I think osif_freertos.c should be generated automatically into folder "SDK". 

How can osif_freertos.c be shown in folder "SDK" automatically? 

Could you help me again? 

Thank you.

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