S32G Boot From External NVM

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S32G Boot From External NVM

Contributor II

I am working on NXP S32G274 Part for my customer and need your support for setting up external memory for Boot.

objective :

- need to use external flash(Serial NOR - MX25UW51245G)  for application code and execution.

- after power reset it shall boot from Flash area. (in this case Serial NOR)

- Hardware : I am using S32G evaluation board.

Support needed to understand :


  1. What could be the Linker file changes that are required?

we tried below configuration in linker file as below  : 

  • m_Code_qspi   (rx)       : ORIGIN = 0x00000000, LENGTH = 2688K  (Can it be start after IVT image end adress?)
  • m_ram               (rw)      : ORIGIN = 0x34000000, LENGTH = 2688K


                m_Code_qspi (stores : .interrupts, .text, )

                m_ram             (store  : .init_table, .zero_table, .code_ram, .data, .bss )

Please correct/confirm


2. I have configured RCON selection switches on eval board to boot from QSPI 

           SWT14 -> 1 ON, SWT14 -> 2 OFF

           SWT15 -> 1 OFF SWT15- > 2 OFF

3. I have configured BMODE (0 to 31 parallel bits) selection switches on eval board     

                ref : AN12422 :S32G Boot Process (attached excel ) BOOT_CFG1[31:0] - ADDR 0x234

4. how to configure IVT tool in S32DS? If I am not using S32DS then how to generate IVT image ?

5. how to flash IVT Image file + Application code file together ( Can it be flashed together ?)

6. I am using S32ft.exe (flash tool by NXP) to load algorithm for "MX25UW51245G" (serial NOR). Why it is required?

7. Can we use S32DS(Design Studio) to flash [IVT image + Application Code] through configuration_tool option under project properties.

8. I am using Lauterbach debugger supported .cmm file that we use to load the program.


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Contributor II

Hi vinod.bargaje@mobiliya.com‌,

Recently I also try to boot image from External flash on S32G EVB. I have some experience and would like to share with you.

  1. I only build the IVT image with the Diangostic Test Project and S32G example Project. In my case, I just add the Ram address and the Length in the IVT tools. For different core Target (M7 and A53), the setting is a little bit different.
  2. The boot RCON for QSPI from your is right.
  3. The 32 bit boot configuration (sw6-sw9) are all setted in "0".
  4. I only use the IVT tools in S32DS for building Image. In my image, I only include the application code in IVT table
  5. After you build the image, you can export the blob image which already inlcude the IVT image and your application code. You only need to flash the blob image.#
  6. The s32ft.exe is a subapplication from S32DS. It is also inlcude in S32DS IVT tools, you can just click flash image in IVT tools, it is the same as s32ft.exe
  7. ...
  8. You can use lauterbach and can also just use uart to serial flash.



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