S32DS Force re-generation of all code

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S32DS Force re-generation of all code

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Is there a way to force re-generation of all code in the generated/ folder of a S32DS workspace project?

It seems that S32DS somehow memorizes files that it has generated and only re-generates them when the underlying configuration has changed. This is not very practical for collaborative develoment and can create differences among different S32DS installations. I'd like to forcefully re-generate all code in generate/ in order to have a consistent status.


I have tried:

1) to reload the SDK (Manage SDKs -> reload), but that did only overwrite some, but not all files. Siul2_Port_Ip_BOARD_InitPeripherals_PBcfg.h is one example, which isn't re-generated after that

2) deleting the generated/ folder. S32DS dosn't seem to care, but keeps on creating only files if I change the module configuration

3) cleaning the project


I'm desperately lost. I believe I have tried every button and setting... any help is much appreciated!

SDK I'm using is PlatformSDK_S32XX_4_0_0_S32G399A_M7_0

S32DS version: 3.5, Build id: 240529 (Update 12)

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


deleting the generated and RTD folder should work. In project explorer right click on folder name and delete. Then go back into Config Tool and generate code again. 


If it still doesn't work, try to create new workspace and import your project into it. 

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