Create Makefile via CMake in S32 Design Studio?

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Create Makefile via CMake in S32 Design Studio?

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I am playing around with MPC5748G with S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture Version 2.1. While I was trying to build a C++ source code, which were developed in Linux on my desktop and supposed to be built via CMake, in S32 Design Studio environment, I realized that CMake cannot be a way to directly create and build a S32DS-oriented Makefile due to its on environmental setup (dependency, compiler, or etc.). I am just wondering if there exist any 'silver bullet' on handling this issue. On of the possible way that comes to my mind is:

(1) Create a Makefile via CMake in local machine. Of course, it has dependency on the local environment, not S32DS's.

(2) Copy, paste, and merge the contents to the Makefile that contains S32DS-oriented setup, which can be easily generated by running "C++ Makefile project from existing codes" in S32 Design Studio.

(3) Now, the edited Makefile has a dependency on S32 Design Studio. Therefore, it can be used to build and create executables or libraries in the IDE.

I am not sure whether this is a possible scenario to happen. If it is applicable, I think 'pruning and editing the Makefile' the process (2) should be done manually and it may require a lot of effort. I am curious whether there exists any decent way to achieve this.

Thank you.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


S32DS generates new Makefile for each build. In my opinion - the best way is just write your own Makefile for your code - you don't need to use S32DS. You can use GNU tools which comes with S32DS in your makefile. Cmake is not supported by S32DS.  

I'm not sure about your goal - but you can also import your C++ code into S32DS (copy sources into project space), add Include paths, library archives  and just build your project inside IDE.



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