Troubleshooting: Quick Fix Option in Problems View

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Troubleshooting: Quick Fix Option in Problems View

Troubleshooting: Quick Fix Option in Problems View

Quick Fix is a feature of the Java editor in Eclipse which enables a user to resolve problems found in the Java code of their project. This feature is available to be used within S32 Design Studio for some problems. Such problems will be identified with the 'light bulb' icon in the description field, as shown below:


For example, such problems sometimes occur when importing a project created in a previous version of S32 Design Studio, are provided from another user, or some files in a project have become corrupted.

To resolve issues identified with the 'light bulb' icon, right-click on the problem and from the pop-up menu, select 'Quick Fix'.


 The Quick Fix menu will appear, providing the available solutions for the problem. In most cases, there will be just one solution. Click finish to implement the fix.


In some cases, more information will be required from the user to complete the fix. Complete the form to provide the additional information, then click OK.


Now the problem should be resolved.


Thanks for the sharing! The warning of the type "S32 project version problem" and "The hardware settings required for project" can be fixed by referring to this article.

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