HOWTO: Program DCF record into UTEST flash in S32 Design Studio for Power

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HOWTO: Program DCF record into UTEST flash in S32 Design Studio for Power

HOWTO: Program DCF record into UTEST flash in S32 Design Studio for Power

NOTICE: This may NOT work with the newer versions of PEmicro eclipse plugin (e.g. with S32DS for Power 2017.R1).

Please use an alternative way described here:

This document describes how to program DCF record into UTEST flash with S32DS for Power v1.1+ using PEMICRO Probe (OpenSDA, USB Multilink, USB Multilink FX...)

In  S32 Design Studio for Power v1.2+  the Pemicro plugin update step is not required since it's already included so you can skip  Step 1)

Step 1) Update Pemicro Plugin. 

See the post below - it's about ARM version of S32DS but the update process for S32DS for Power is exactly the same. You just need is to select e200 component instead of ARM 

error while dubbing: "ERROR loading to the device"

Step 2) Download and extract Flash programming algorithms for MPC5xxx directly from PEMICRO website into your computer.



Step 3) Create or reuse an existing S32DS project to connect to the board and inspect the existing content of UTEST/DCF user area memory section.

See e.g. MPC5644P example below. Next available address for DCF record of this specific chip is 0x0040_0220 .. 0x0040_0227


Step 3a)  You can export this 64bit free region into a srecord file e.g. MyNewDCF.srec


Step 3b)  Adjust Srecord file created to match with DCF record you intend to write. Don't forget to re-calculate Srec checksum.

e.g. NOP 0x00000000 00000000


S3 0D 004002200 0000 0000 0000 0000 90

Step 4) Create/clone an existing debugger configuration that will load DCF into UTEST and adjust its parameters.


Step 4a) Change the debugger configuration Name and enter the srecord path + file name adjusted in step 3b) as a C/C++ application.


Step 4b) Debugger Tab -> Advanced Options - select Use Alternative Algorithm and browse the location where you extracted flash algorithms at step 2)

 E.g. Freescale_MPC5744P_1x32x4k_UTest.pcp


Step 4c)  Adjust Startup options - Disable Load Symbols and Run on Reset since this configuration is only for programming DCF record and not for debugging.


Step 5) Now press Debug button and it should program your DCF record into UTEST flash memory. After debug session is established you can check if the DCF has been programmed correctly into DCF user area in Memory View.



The device will process these DCF records during the system reset sequence before the CPU leaves reset.


Hi Stanislav Sliva,

Could you please guide me how to update Utest flash DCF record with Lauterbach debugging tools for

Cobra-55(MPC5777C) Platform.

How can I update Utest DCF record in mpc5748g using s32ds?

Is there any example project available?


Rahul Ramakrishnan 

I try this method to update DCF records in MPC5748G LCEVB. But I didn't able to load the required flash algorithm into the S32DS. How can I solve this problem?


Rahul Ramakrishnan

‎04-05-2017 08:18 AM