HOWTO: Create a New Project in S32 Design Studio for ARM

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HOWTO: Create a New Project in S32 Design Studio for ARM

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HOWTO: Create a New Project in S32 Design Studio for ARM

1. Click on the "S32 Design Studio for ARM" icon OR, from the Start menu, NXP S32 Design Studio -> S32 Design Studio for ARM -> S32 Design Studio for ARM

2. Select workspace:

a. Use the default one, or

b. Specify a new one

Note: If you check the box "Use this as the default and do not ask again", this prompt will not appear the next time you launch S32 Design Studio for ARM. However, if later you should decide you want this to appear again, simply uncheck the box "Prompt for workspace on startup" from within the Preferences dialog window General -> Startup and Shutdown -> Workspaces. The Preferences dialog window can be opened from the Eclipse menu bar Window -> Preferences.

3. Click OK.


4. Create a new project. Go to the Eclipse menu bar and select File -> New -> New S32DS Project


5. Enter a project name. Example: FirstProject (must not contain spaces)

6. Select processor. Example: expand 'Family S32K1xx' folder, then select S32K144.

7. Click Next.


8. Select Debugger Support and Library Support. If supported, also select SDK:

a. SDK for GCC

b. Automotive Math and Motor Control Library Set for GCC

c. FreeMASTER Serial Communication Driver



9. Click Finish

10. The new project wizard will generate the new project and then the indexer will run. It is recommended to wait until all processes complete before proceeding with any further actions.

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