FlexNVM used as code/data Flash

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FlexNVM used as code/data Flash

FlexNVM used as code/data Flash

Example shows how can be expanded default 512kB flash memory by 64 kB using
FlexNVM as a program/data flash. In FlexNVM are stored two ASCII images and
function PrintImage. FlexNVM is divided into 32kB data section and 32kB code
section in the linker file. Output is printed on terminal. As a output device you can

use putty or any other serial terminal.

Terminal settings: 9600, 8N1 - no flow control.

In debugger settings you have to Enable partitioning device with code
0F0C. This value is written into FCCOB4 and FCCOB5 registers before flashing.



Putty settings:



Test HW: S32K144EVB,
MCU: S32K144
Debugger: OpenSDA
Target: internal_FLASH (debug mode and release mode)

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