on reset --- RTC in 52235

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on reset --- RTC in 52235

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I am working on these issue from couple of days and i am not able to figure why it is happening so.


On reset all the RTC registers (seconds,minutes,hours days,alm  ) are reseting to zero. In the manual it is given as the values will be  arbitary .So I expected  on reset the values would be same before the shutdown but it is reseting on each power on and also reset. Can some body explain about this .



my plan is to provide back up using  battery for the RTC and make it to run continously to maintain real time .


I am also including the intailizatiopn code here.



MCF_CLOCK_RTCDR = ( (SYSTEM_CLOCK_KHZ * 1000 ) )  /* for configuring tjhe clock */



MCF_SCM_PPMRL &= (0xFFFFEFFF)  ;                           /* enables the RTC*/



Please help me......i am stuck at this simple thing............



Thanks for your time 

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Registers will get 0's during reset. why do you shutdown your micro if you want it real-time though? If you want to maintain value when its OFF, you should flash it in EEPROM.
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