Flexray Speed (MCU : MC9S12XF512MLM)

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Flexray Speed (MCU : MC9S12XF512MLM)

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I have some problem for configuring the speed rate for my Flexray Block.


I says in the datasheet, that for modify the flexray speed, I have to change the configuration of MCR Register like this :


Bit Rate [Mbit/s] :    10.0Mbit/s         8.0Mbit/s          5.0Mbit/s                2.5
MCR.BITRATE :       000                   011                   001                        010


When I modifiy the value of MCR register in my program, the flexray communication don't work :


const Fr_HW_config_type Fr_HW_cfg_00 ={    0x000400,     // FlexRay module base address    0x0FF000,     // FlexRay memory base address (MB headers start at this address)    FR_MC9S12XF,     // Type of Freescale FlexRay module    FALSE,          // Synchronization filtering    FR_INTERNAL_SYSTEM_BUS_CLOCK,2, // Value of the PRESCALE or BITRATE bit field in the MCR register    16,             // Data size - segment 1    8,              // Data size - segment 2    16,             // Last MB in segment 1 (Number of MB in Segment1 - 1)    31,             // Last individual MB (except FIFO); (Number of MB in Segment1 + Number of MB in Segment2 - 1)    32,             // Total number of used MB (Last_individual_MB + 1 + FIFO)    TRUE,           // Allow coldstart    0,              // The value of the TIMEOUT bit field in the SYMATOR register - not implemented for all FlexRay     0,              // Offset of the Sync Frame Table in the FlexRay memory    FR_DUAL_CHANNEL_MODE    // Single channel mode disabled};

 Have you an idea about my problem? Maybe I forget some parameter that I need to configure?


Thank you in advance,



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I also meet this problem 。How can I SET??

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