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internal debug mode

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Hi, I am using T1024RDB. and we are developing a bare board application for it. we are trying to enable Internal Debug mode for T1024 processor, but it is not successfull. 

following are the steps we followed.

1. keep processor in hypervisor mode MSR[GS] = 0., MSR[PE] = 0.

2. Enable the Internal Debug mode by setting DBCR0 = 0x40000000, followed by isync.

3. Enable Instruction complete debug event by setting DBCR0 = 0x48000000 followed by isync.

4. Enable debug interrupt in MSR, MSE[DE] = 1, followed by isync.

but even then the DBSR (debug status register) is not getting updated upon completion of instructions and so, the processor in not going  to debug interrupt service routine. 

please let me know if i need to do any settings other than this.


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