Programming twr-P1025 NOR


Programming twr-P1025 NOR

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I was happy to pick up a 1025 at the conference in Dallas, but disappointed to find that its only boot option is NOR flash. If I should brick my board, it is my understanding that the TAP is $430, the tip is another $60, and only the paid version of Code Warrior has the option to flash NOR.

I'm not looking for any of the sophisticated functionality that JTAG offers, just to restore NOR if I do something wrong. For the hobbyists, is there no cheaper way to re-flash NOR on the TWR-P1025?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

The board typically comes with U-boot and Linux pre-programmed. If you do not want to erase your flash completely, but only Linux part, than you can use U-boot to reflash.

Reflashing U-boot by U-boot is also possible, but this is not safe, as you can easily brick your board if something will be wrong in U-boot image

If the board is bricked, than yes - you have to have debug probe to program flash by flash programmer. Unfortunately, we offer only one debug probe at that time.

Regarding CodeWarrior - there is a Flash-programmer only "Basic suite", and also you can download full-featured 30-day evaluation version.

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