USB HID Interrupt OUT for Kinetis K21.

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USB HID Interrupt OUT for Kinetis K21.

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Hi all,

Is there a reason why processor expert (HID CLASS module) does not allow adding a second interrupt endpoint for host to MCU transfers?

I made a non PE project from the generated stack and implemented the interrupt OUT endpoint but running into problems. Has anyone successfully implemented it for the K21?



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


There is released a new solution of USB components (fsl_usb_device_hid_class, fsl_usb_device_msd_class, fsl_usb_framework, fsl_usb_descriptors) that is available in KDS 2.0.0 (with installed Kinetis SDK 1.1.0 Eclipse Update).

If you want to start a development of an application based on fsl_usb_.... components, you can use the Processor Expert Kinetis SDK USB Stack Integration User Guide that is available as a part of the help.

You can open the guide by the following way in KDS 2.0.0 (you must have KSDK 1.1.0 Eclipse Update installed):

- Open Component Library window and find fsl_usb_descriptors component.

- Open the context menu of this component (click by right button of the mouse) and select Help on Component item.

- In the Help window, open the fsl_usb_descriptions page

- The fsl_usb_descriptors help page (General Info tab) contains link to the user guide "USB stack Processor Expert integration documentation" at the bottom of the page.


Best Regards,

Marek Neuzil

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