A-008083 erratum T2080 even with a single cpu?

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A-008083 erratum T2080 even with a single cpu?

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In our based T2080 design ( laptop motherboard) is very important the powers saving and frequency scaling, we have see this erratum:

A-008083: The dynamic frequency switch (DFS) can hang the SoC when changing
frequency of a cluster with active cores or snoop transactions, inside https://community.nxp.com/pwmxy87654/attachments/pwmxy87654/powerquicc/3986/1/T2080CE-Rev5%20(1).pdf

A friend report on a T2081 based Firebox M300 card report 20W on idle power usage that is quite high.

This erratum only affect cluster of T2080 CPU or even a single CPU?


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