S12ZVH Instrument Cluster reference design

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S12ZVH Instrument Cluster reference design

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S12ZVH Instrument Cluster reference design


The S12ZVH-REF-V1 is a reference design engineered for being a design base for starting an instrument cluster project, also it helps to reducing Automotive Cluster development time and maximizing engineering resources.

Based on the 16-bit S12 MagniV® S12ZVH mixed-signal microcontrollers, the S12ZVH-REF-V1 provides a production-looking design with impressive integration. The S12ZVH-REF-V1 reference design is not only provided as a hardware reference but also as a software and mechanical design.

Block Diagram




Product Features
S12ZVH MagniV Mixed-signal MCU 

16-bit S12 MagniV® S12ZVH mixed-signal microcontrollers for instrument cluster.





  • LIN physical transceiver and connector
  • CAN connector interfaced with MCUs CAN physical transceiver


  • 1 x custom 160 segment LCD
  • 1 x low-power piezoelectric speaker
  • 4 x stepper motors
  • 49 x LEDs used as telltales and backlights
  • 6 x user buttons
  • 2 x potentiometers


  • The S12ZVH-REF-V1 does not include on-board programming/debugging circuitry; it requires an external programmer compatible with the BDM protocol.


S12ZVH-REF-V1 Mechanical and Assembly files 

S12ZVH-REF-V1 Reference Design Software (CW10.5) 

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