TPP no Pre Driver output switching MCSXTE2BK142


TPP no Pre Driver output switching MCSXTE2BK142

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Good morning,

I am trying to run the .mdl matlab file contained in the PMSM open loop NXP libray example folder for MCSXTE2BK142. I am running the board without motor connected and I can see the pwm signals generated by micro controller but just a constant value coming out from GD3000 pre driver (no pwm signals). I also seen that GD3000 enable pins are low. How the enabling of the pre-driver should work?

Is it right to run the board without motor connected or do I need to connect the motor and Hall sensor to see the TPP output switching signal?

 Thank you, Dario.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello @DarioZanni,

 The enable pin of GD3000 must be kept high in order to have the predriver functional. If you need more info about the GD3000 predriver IC, you can take a look here.

I recommend starting using the default model and reading all info that you can find in the model. It is possible that, if you do not connect the motor, the model will raise an error (fault) that can put the GD3000 in sleep mode. Any kind of errors/faults should be seen in the Freemaster project. If you want to be more cautious, you can use a power source with an overcurrent function activated and set it to 2A or 3A.


Best regards,


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