MPC5744P - CAN RX Status by MBD Toolbox

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MPC5744P - CAN RX Status by MBD Toolbox

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Hi @mariuslucianand @lukaszadrapa,

I have a question about CAN RX status feedback.
I tried to use the【status】from【CAN Unpack】from Simulink as figure below which is part of the CAN RX interrupt.

However, when the message is not received, the value of【Status】will still held 1 which is the value when the message is received.
That is because the【CAN Unpack 】is under the CAN message ID【Switch Case Subsystem】.
The tested code is attached.

how to get the proper rx status of specific can message which will continuously update by MBD toolbox ? 

Please give me some advice, thank you.

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