MCU-BOOT middleware missing from New Project

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MCU-BOOT middleware missing from New Project

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I recently downloaded SDK 2.6.0 for an MKV58 device.  When I built the SDK, I chose the mcu-boot middleware component.  The component is in the SDK zip file.  However, when I attempt to create a New Project using MCUXpresso, MCU-BOOT is not an available middleware component to select.

Obviously, I can build my own generic project and use the source code to achieve what I want, but I seem to remember this being a managed component option in the past?  is this a bug, or is the middleware component only available as source code that I have to manually import?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi ivekengineer,

I need to consult this with our SDK team and will update this thread as soon as I have their feedback.

Best Regards,


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