Generating a downloadable MCUXpresso SDK v.2 package

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Generating a downloadable MCUXpresso SDK v.2 package

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Generating a downloadable MCUXpresso SDK v.2 package

Generating a downloadable MCUXpresso SDK v.2 package


Follow these steps to get your MCUXpresso SDK v.2 package for your Kinetis or LPC-based MCU solution.


1) Go to the MCUXpresso Config Tools page:


Welcome | MCUXpresso SDK Builder 


2) Click on the Select Development board option:




3) If you are not logged in you will be redirected to the Sign in page:



4) After signing in you will be directed to select a development board, to do this you need to select the corresponding processor, board or kit to be used and click on Build MCUXpresso SDK:




5) By default the package will be built for Windows and for the MCUXpresso IDE, this can be changed by clicking on drop-down menus:




6) You can also specify the included middleware, RTOS and development preferences for your MCUXpresso SDK package. 





7) After specifying the required settings make sure the configuration information shown on the right hand side is correct click on Download SDK:




Note: You may be asked to fill your User basic information on the Preferences page before downloading the package.


8) Agree to the Software Terms and Conditions:




9) The download of your MCUXpresso SDK package should start automatically:






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