What is the SDK Version for Parts listed in the "MCUXpresso Supported Devices Table"?

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What is the SDK Version for Parts listed in the "MCUXpresso Supported Devices Table"?

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While I appreciate posting the list I think there are some things that could make it more useable.  

Just as a suggestion, could you make the text colour of the cells underneath "MCUXpresso Software and Tools" (E5, through I5) white for readability?  It took me a while to figure out that there was text in them.  

Next, why isn't the SDK listed for each "Product Family" member?  That would be very useful in selecting parts as well as giving an implied thumbs up or down as to the longevity of support for the part.  I'm asking as somebody who has put in quite a bit of work that I feel is unnecessary porting code from Tower boards (which have SDK 2.7.0) to a part with a lower SDK (I want to use("Kinetis K 22: 120MHz (1MB & FlexNVM)" which has an SDK of 2.3.1).  Continuing this thread, lsiting Tower and Freedom boards that are avaialble for the part families (along with which ones are recommended for the different parts) would be VERY HELPFUL.  

It would also be very useful to know what versions of FreeRTOS are available for the different parts.  



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Thanks for the feedback, you raise some very valuable points.  I'll see how we can update the document for the next revision.