LPC-Link Target Discovery not working

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LPC-Link Target Discovery not working

Contributor I

My version of MCUXpresso V10.2.1_795 has developed a fault after working fine for many months, it can no-longer communicate or boot LPC-Link.

Error as show below.

RedlinkServerException: Cannot write to server: not open

Cannot write to server: not open

Cannot write to server: not open
at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.client.RedlinkServerClient.getWriter(RedlinkServerClient.java:620)
at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.client.RedlinkServerClient.writeln(RedlinkServerClient.java:1270)
at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.client.RedlinkServerClient.send(RedlinkServerClient.java:1032)
at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.client.RedlinkServerClient.sendReceive(RedlinkServerClient.java:1089)
at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.client.RedlinkServerClient.sendReceive(RedlinkServerClient.java:1071)
at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.client.RedlinkServerClient.sendReceive(RedlinkServerClient.java:1059)
at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.client.RedlinkServerClient.probeList(RedlinkServerClient.java:962)
at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.common.redlinkserver.RedlinkServerEmuHandler.discoverEmulators(RedlinkServerEmuHandler.java:200)
at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.win.AbstractWinServerProbe.discoverEmulators(AbstractWinServerProbe.java:78)
at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.EmulatorsDB.getEmus(EmulatorsDB.java:338)
at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.EmulatorsDB.getEmulatorInfo(EmulatorsDB.java:254)
at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.EmulatorsDB.getAvailableEmulators(EmulatorsDB.java:182)
at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.TargetDiscovery.probeDiscovery(TargetDiscovery.java:596)
at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.TargetDiscovery.probeDiscovery(TargetDiscovery.java:543)
at com.crt.debugcommon.utils.LaunchScriptUtils.getEmulatorInfo(LaunchScriptUtils.java:350)
at com.crt.debugcommon.utils.LaunchScriptUtils.init(LaunchScriptUtils.java:610)
at com.crt.debugcommon.utils.LaunchScriptUtils.<init>(LaunchScriptUtils.java:246)
at com.crt.debugcommon.utils.LaunchScriptUtils.<init>(LaunchScriptUtils.java:230)
at com.crt.dsfdebug.dsf.services.TargetDiscoveryService.getTargetDiscovery(TargetDiscoveryService.java:144)
at com.crt.dsfdebug.dsf.override.CRTFinalLaunchSequence$TargetDiscoveryJob.run(CRTFinalLaunchSequence.java:110)
at org.eclipse.core.internal.jobs.Worker.run(Worker.java:56)

How can I fix this problem?

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Contributor I

Hi Carlos.

The development board is LPCXpresso54102, I also have two LPC4333 boards which I'm working with.

All fail with the same error. I have tried deleting the launch configuration files, did not fix the problem.

I have a second network card with just a network switch connected, I see the error when the switch is connected.

All works Ok if the switch is removed. This is clearly something to do with the network switch and RedlinkServ discovery.

Many thanks.

Bill Barna

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Contributor I

After some reading here on the forum I found this:

Debug does not succeed unless I start RedlinkServ manually. (RedProbe +) 

So I did start redlinkserv manually on the command prompt, and then the Probe was found and I could debug the code example: lpcxpresso54608_driver_examples_gpio_led_output

The only thing that still doesnt work are the PRINTF commands. Nothing appears on the console. It seems a problem with telnet startup.

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Contributor I

I'm having the same problem, but in my case, I've just received my board this week.

My version of MCUXpresso is also V10.2.1_795, and the board is the LPCXpresso54608.

On the device manager is showing: LPC-LinkII Ucom Port(COM5).

But when I try to debug, I get the same error as Bill.

Im working with Windows 10.

So I tried to install MCUXpresso on other machine, this time with Windows 7, and it worked fine.

Then I installed everything on another computer, running Windows 10, and I get the same error.

So it seems to be related with Windows version.

What are these "launch configuration files associated with the project" that you mentioned that should be deleted?

Best regards,


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Bill,

Which evaluation board are you using? How is the Link probe showing up in your device manager? Have you tried deleting the launch configuration files associated with the project so the IDE performs a probe discovery operation again?

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,
Carlos Mendoza
Technical Support Engineer

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