LPC SPIFI Peripheral Update needed for MT25QL128ABA

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LPC SPIFI Peripheral Update needed for MT25QL128ABA

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Hi NXP community

I have an LPC54628 Xpresso board that has a MT25QL128ABA (Micron Serial NOR Flash Memory) onboard. I would like to use the LPC SPIFI Peripheral that can be found here: https://www.nxp.com/products/processors-and-microcontrollers/arm-based-processors-and-mcus/lpc-corte...

From this peripheral I am using SPIFI Library - keil iar 1.03_68. This version however is rather old and does not support the MT25QL128ABA. Is there a plan to update this LPC SPIFI Peripheral library in the near future to support newer devices? Is there a similar library like the LPC SPIFI Peripheral available in the MCUXpresso SDK?

Many thanks


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


SPIFI library (source code provided) is not abandoned, and it is the recomendded if users need to use multiple flash parts, however support to new flash parts may not be as quick as they come out (mostly the command format and protocol to interact with flash devices' control registers). SPIFI library has device abstract layer and object-oriented design, and is flexible to add new device support, user to do is defining flash device (filling a struct), implementing some configuration and control functions.

Besides SPIFI library, for basic usage of QSPI devices, SDK also provide simple SPIFI driver while user need to define its commands by theirselves, SDK has examples showing that. 

For either SPIFI library or SDK driver, to support new flash devices, SPIFI peripheral has no limitation, user to do is adding flash definition and configure/control functions to existing framework.

Have a nice day, 



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