Is there any tutorial on how to use LPC Link-2 WITH MCUXpresso IDE?

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Is there any tutorial on how to use LPC Link-2 WITH MCUXpresso IDE?

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Hi, thanks for taking care of my question. I am not a firmware engineer so I would like to follow some tutorial on how to use LPC link-2 (with MCU51U62).

I looked around and it seems that the NXP document and the official Youtube ('LPC-Link 2 Debugger') are all about how to use Link-2 with LPCScrypt, which is an old way. 

Could anyone can advise how to use MCUXpresso with Link-2? Thank you!

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

hi @running_gao 

You may refer to the following steps.


1 Make sure that your board does have a SWD debug header and check if requires any configuration to be programmed by an external debugger like LPC link 2.


2 Ensure to have the proper jumper settings in the LPC link 2: 

  1. A) Close the JP1 jumper. This will allow the debugger operation mode. 
  2. C) Check if your board has its own power supply. If don´t, configure the LPC link 2 to provide power by fitting the   JP2.

3 Connect only the LPC link to your computer USB port.  Probably you will heard an enumeration bong. You can open devices and printers (in Windows)  to see how the debugger is being enumerated, it should something like   CMSIS or J-link,

4 Disconnect the LPC link from your computer.

5 Connect one end of an SWD flat cable to the J7 header in the LPC link 2. Then connect the other end in to the SWD header of your target board, please, make sure to do this in the proper orientation.

6 Connect the LPC link to the USB port of your computer.

7 Open your preferred project in MCUXpresso to debug and hit the blue debug button. If everything went ok the IDE will dicover the LPC link 2 as debugger.   Please see:   11.1.1 Debug Launch chapter in the MCUXpresso User guide.

If you have any issues, or any other question , please do not hesitate to let me know.


I hope this helps.



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