Hard Fault Handler Error while debugging the code in MCUXpresso IDE10.3.1_2233

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Hard Fault Handler Error while debugging the code in MCUXpresso IDE10.3.1_2233

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I am using LPC4367JBD208E controller for one of my product development. I am using MCUXpresso 10.3.1_2233 for the application development. I have developed the application and while debugging the same I faced following error.




This error comes while I was  lauching the application for debugging, and as per the information given I checked the line 376 in cr_startup_lpc43xx.c As shown below.




But I do not understand the significance of the error mentioned since at one side it is going to the main .c but on the other side it shows this error. 

please Explained. one more information is that currently the RAM cionsumed is 85.19% of 32KB assigned memory.

Also there is one query regarding the RAM allocation, 

Consideing the below image


For M4 core 32KB RAM is used and M0App Core 40KB RAM is used, and after that IPC memory is inline. so what id the assigned RAM 32/40 KB is consumed ten will it be using the next memory whihc is inline in the memory configuration?

Please provide this information as well. before that the above mentioned hardfault handler issue is on priority.



Gaurav More







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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello gauravmore,


Please share your project, I will help to check it  on my side.




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I am a bit confused by your environment. I had been more involved with other MCU families and toolchains, and only recently got into LPCs again.

The startup file name "cr_startup*" suggests it belonged to Code Red, basically the predecessor of LPCXpressoIDE. Is it older legacy code, ported to another MCU ?

The hardfault seems to happen while copying initialzation values from Flash to RAM. I would check the actual address where it happens, perhaps in instruction step mode. And then crosscheck with the map file.

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Hi Frank,

Thanks for quick reply,

The back ground is that previuosly in used LPCXpresso 8.2 version where i was developing the application . But later I got to know that the support for it will be limited and they have now shifter to MCUXpresso. They suggested to use MCUXpresso. So i am using MCUXpresso 10.3.1_2233 and there i imported the project from the LPC Xpresso to MCU Xpresso IDE.

Does it makes any difference? Since then I am working on the same project. I just kept the below mentioned settings as it is.


and then proceed for the development. 

Reagrding the actual address check how to do that while debugging?

Please let me know and then i will check, Also let know the other query response, mentioned below,


Gaurav More


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