LPCXpresso54608: Getting Started with IAR

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LPCXpresso54608: Getting Started with IAR

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LPCXpresso54608: Getting Started with IAR

Now that you've downloaded & unzipped your LPCXpresso54608 SDK, let's open IAR Embedded Workbench IDE.

Note: You must have at least IAR Embedded Workbench version to use this board

Once open, select File>Open>Workspace


Navigate to the location where you unzipped your SDK files.

Within this folder there are plenty of SDK based demos for you to explore our microcontroller.  We will use one of them to guide you through this tutorial, but definitely take time to try all of them!

Select boards>lpcxpresso54608>demo_apps>touch_cursor>iar>touch_cursor

Once the workspace is loaded, you will see the project files on the left.  Along the toolbar the first highlighted item is 'Build' select it.


Once your console shows no errors you can select the 'Download and Debug' a few icons to the right of 'Build'


Your debug session will start and will look like the following window.  Once it opens 'touch_cursor.c' and has a green arrow next to the main function you can select 'Go'


After you have successfully flashed the board with this demo you will see the following on your board.


This demo utilizes the touch interface on the screen to read where you are touching and updates the cursor position to the last known location.


Remember that other demos and sample code are provided in the root folder of the SDK download.  

Be sure to explore these demos and reach out on the community if you need help!

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