KL82 Bootloader Example not working

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KL82 Bootloader Example not working

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I am trying to implement a USB-HID bootloader on the KL82. For prototyping I am using the FRDM-KL82Z board.

a) there is a built in bootloader mentioned in the datasheet. Can I use this bootloader or is it overwritten by prior software download to the MCU?

b) When using the example project from the SDK I can see the USB HID device, but if I try to connect I get the following error (on both windows and linux)

sudo ./blhost -u -- get-property 1
Inject command 'get-property'
usb hid write, time left = 5000
sendCommandGetResponse.writePacket error 1.
Response status = 10004 (0x2714) No response packet from target device.

Although if I use the UART (via OpenSDA chip) I seem to be able to access the chip.

Could you please give me feedback what might be going wrong in my project? 

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards

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Thank you for your help.

I would prefer to use KBOOT that is already in ROM. Do you have any samples / tutorials for using it? I guess I do make a mistake somewhere, as I get the issue mentioned in my op.

EDIT: I just found out, it works when trying to execute blhost on windows but not on linux (Debian kernel 4.19). 

-> Topic can be closed. Thanks for your support.

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Try the uTasker boot loader:
- https://www.utasker.com/kinetis/FRDM-KL82Z.html
KBOOT UART, KBOOT HID-USB, USB-MSD, SD card, etc. with optional AES256 authentication. https://www.utasker.com/docs/uTasker/uTaskerSerialLoader.pdf
Works off-the-bat with almost any IDE.
Free Open Source version for immediate proven solutions.

The KL82 does have an inbuilt KBOOT ROM loader if its features are adequate, so not secondary loader is absolutely necessary.


[uTasker project developer for Kinetis and i.MX RT]

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