Connecting to FRDM-K64F Board

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Connecting to FRDM-K64F Board

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Hello, I am trying to connect to my FRDM-K64F Board which has a FRDM-STBC-AGM01 Board attached to it. My goal is to use the Freedom Sensor Toolbox (CE)(v2.5.0) to run an Out of the Box Demo.


Originally, The device would show up on my computer as MED in the file explorer. But, would eventually show a fail text with TIMEOUT inside. The Freedom software only ever shows "waiting for a board to be connected..."


I followed the steps at this link to make sure the device was setup correctly:


I saw that the device can become corrupted when plugging into a Windows 10 device which is what I am trying to use. So, I went through the steps to update the OpenSDA at this link using the dropdown box:


There I downloaded this Binary "DAPLink rev0244 OpenSDA v2.2 Bootloader" and proceeded with the update instructions. The drive showed up as BOOTLOADER and I pasted the downloaded binary inside. (Note: The BOOTLOADER drive did not stay up for very long inside my file explorer.). After this though when I plugged the USB back in I see no sign of connection in the file explorer or on the computer and no blinking lights on the board. I attempted to do the Bootloader steps again and the BOOTLOADER Drive would always show back up but I could still never see any sign of connection afterwards. The software also would continue to say "waiting for a board to be connected..." Is there a crucial step that I am missing to properly connect this device to my computer?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


The bootloader is not matching your firmware. You now need an external debugger(jlink) to update the bootloader. Follow the attachment.

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