Watchpoints Not Working--how do I fix?

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Watchpoints Not Working--how do I fix?

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KDS version 3.2.0



Setup seems to work fairly well, but I have come upon a situation where I really could use a watch point.  According to the chip documentation there are two.

I can follow Eric Styger's instructions and everything appears normal; except that it never stops the execution, even when passing a known variable access.  Everything appear as advertised in Eric's blog--it just doesn't work.

Does anyone have any hints on how to go about diagnosing/fixing this problem with eclipse (or USBDM?)

Can anyone tell me how to manually install a watchpoint, or how to debug an unknown random change to a variable without a watchpoint?

Thanks Very much for your assistance!!

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Thanks Eric! 

Peter O'Donoghue, any comments?  Your USBDM software has been a great help by the way.  I am using a modified FRDM KEAZ64Q64 demonstration board as the interface hardware to my custom board.  I believe that means USBDM is running on a MK20DX128VFM5 chip to program an S9KEAZ128AMLH on my custom board.  Everything seems to work very reliably since i learned to turn on the 5V supply in the server app, except for this lack of watchpoint functionality.

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Hi @andrewmeyerbti ,

I don't have USBDM and the device you are using, so cannot really comment, except that it works as described with LinkServer, P&E and Segger.

I would recommend that you try to remove/delete all other breakpoints: just having a single watchpoint active, because you might run over the available hardware breakpoints and you won't get an error message about this. The other thought I have is that USBDM might not support watchpoints: have you tried already with a J-Link or P&E maybe?

I hope this helps,


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