Using OSX version of KDS with CMSIS-DAP firmware on FRDM-KLxx boards.

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Using OSX version of KDS with CMSIS-DAP firmware on FRDM-KLxx boards.

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Hi folks,


I figured out how to get a working configuration with FRDM-KL25Z board.


I'm new on this platform and I want to use OSX or Linux for developing.


I do the following steps to get working:


           By default the FRDM-KL2x boards are not supported, for support install the KDSK 1.3 (KSDK 2.0 is released but not tested yet)

          After installing run KDS again, go Help->Install New software->Add->Arhive

          and browse to the file "KSDK_INSTALL_DIRECTORY"/tools/eclipse_update/


     List of supported boards after integrating KSDK-1.3 into the KDS.



          A stable version is available if you have any problem with the -dev version. gnuarmeclipse-openocd-osx-0.9.0-201505191004.pkg


  • Add eclipse support for OpenOCD Debug.

          Download the file and install the plugin (Help->Install New software->Add->Arhive)

          Seclect the OpenOCD Debug and others if you want.




          after install you need to set the correct path for the openocd binaries.

          Go to the Kninetis Design Studio -> Preferences menu and set the path.


          steps for install:



  • Now Ready to start
    • Start a new project as NEW->Kinetis SDK 1.x Project
    • Choose a name
    • Choose a Board or processor
    • Select the Kinetis SDK with ABSOLUTE PATH and add PE support
      • (of course you need to set your own installation path)
      • 120308_120308.pngKépernyőfotó 2015-12-25 - 19.31.14.png
      • at the next step choose the GNU C compiller
      • After Finish make a new debug configuration in your project's settings as follows
        • 120309_120309.pngdebug cfg.png



And... Finally get working


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