How to properly import MBED-RTOS Libs to KDS

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How to properly import MBED-RTOS Libs to KDS

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Hi All,


I'm currently working on setting up KDS on my Mac so that I can develop on the FRDM-K64F. I have had a lot of success so far setting up my computer and mcu to debug using the Segger J-link debugger and I tested this functionality with sample "Hello World" code, but I would now like to know if I will be able to debug RTOS specific features like threading.


I originally thought that doing this would be as simple as copying the sample threading code from the mbed cookbook and building, but I realized that I need the rtos for MBED library to make this work. That should have been obvious... but so it goes. I proceeded to add it to the directory for my project and added it to the build path by going to Preferences --> C/C++ Build --> Settings --> Tool Settings --> Cross ARM [C++ and C] Compiler and then inputed the appropriate paths.


Now when I attempt to build my project, the console throws a boat load of errors regarding "bad instruction..." found in the HAL_CM4.S and SVC_Table.S files within the newly added directories.


To me it seems that KDS sees the file type or the format of their contents as foreign and I just need to tell it how to recognize them since I pulled the libraries off and they should(?) play nice. Those folks seem to run a tight ship, so I'm left asking myself, what did I miss?


I am not sure what to attach if anything, but I'll be happy to provide whatever other info is necessary as prompted.



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